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  • Aerobic exercise has antidepressant treatment effects 18/10/2018
    An analysis of randomized controlled clinical trials indicates that supervised aerobic exercise has large antidepressant treatment effects for patients with major depression.
  • Brain cells in a dish used to study genetic origins of schizophrenia 16/10/2018
    A study has established a new analytical method for investigating the complex genetic origins of mental illnesses using brain cells that are grown in a dish from human embryonic stem cells.
  • Recognizing the uniqueness of different individuals with schizophrenia 10/10/2018
    Individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia differ greatly from one another. Researchers have demonstrated that very few identical brain differences are shared amongst different patients. Therefore, insights based on research at the group level (i.e. in the 'average' patient) say little about the individual.
  • Brain circuits for successful emotional development established during infancy 10/10/2018
    Researchers tracking the development of the brain's emotion circuitry in infancy found that adult-like functional brain connections for emotional regulation emerge during the first year of life. And the growth of these brain circuits during the second year of life predicted the IQ and emotional control of the children at 4 years old, suggesting new […]
  • Pregnant women recognize baby expressions differently depending on mental health history 08/10/2018
    A pilot study has found that pregnant women who have suffered from depression or bipolar disorder (i.e. both mania and depression) recognize babies' faces and how babies laugh or cry, differently to healthy controls. This happens even if they are not currently experiencing depressive or manic symptoms and may represent an early risk-factor for children […]
  • Diet and weight may affect response to bipolar disorder treatment 07/10/2018
    Data from a clinical trial has shown that how people respond to treatment for Bipolar Disorder may be influenced by their weight and the overall quality of their diet, including whether they are eating a diet high in foods thought to contribute to general inflammation. These are early results, but if replicated may mean that […]
  • Opioid overdoses, depression linked 03/10/2018
    A 1 percent increase in statewide depression diagnoses was associated with a 26 percent increase in opioid-related deaths. Rates of opioid-related deaths rose substantially in 2014 and 2015, and states with the highest rates of opioid-related deaths often have a shortage of mental health care professionals.
  • When neglected children become adolescents 27/09/2018
    Many migrant children separated from their parents at the U.S. border, some of them very young, have landed in shelters where they often experience stress, neglect and minimal social and cognitive stimulation. The latest findings tell a cautionary tale about the psychiatric and social risks of long-term deprivation and family separation as children transition to […]
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