At Psychiatric Report we pride ourselves on  providing  you with the best suited expert consultant psychiatrist to meet the precise needs of your case. Instruct us and we will take care of all your requirements. We will liaise with you to ensure that the most suitably qualified Consultant Psychiatrist is allocated to your case. We will ensure that your psychiatric report is delivered to you well within your deadlines and it addresses the  precise psychiatric issues of your client's individual circumstances. Our panel of highly experienced consultant psychiatrists can provide expert reports for civil and criminal cases , employment tribunals, fitness to stand trial , family and child protection matters and other psychiatric issues. Please contact us and  to discuss your exact requirements.

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Our panel of consultant psychiatrists contains specialists in all areas of medico legal work. The best professionals matched to your psychiatric report needs.

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Please contact us with your Psychiatric Report requirements - We guarantee a fast response to allocate the best qualified expert for your report needs

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7 Tips for Finding the Right Psychiatric Expert

By Psychiatric Report Editor

Finding the right psychiatric expert is very important for litigators. As there are many different specialities within the field of psychiatry. This article gives some important pointers to finding the correct specialist.


Fitness to Plead: The Pritchard Criteria

By Psychiatric Report Editor

Fitness to Plead: The Pritchard Criteria It is interesting that the question of the accused being unfit is dealt with using the 1836 criteria of R v. Pritchard. In Pritchard, the accused was deaf, unable to speak and was charged with bestiality. In Pritchard the jury were directed that in order to be sane the accused must be .. Read More >>

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